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Tiffany called and talked to the Detective last night.  She was clearly already second-guessing this situation.  She called me this morning and she is willing to let me come and get her.  She still doesn't want to live at home, but I told her that we could sit down with her therapist and her mental health support caseworker and see what alternatives there are to get her in a place where she is safe, but feels more independent.

YIPPEE!!  I know it's not over yet, but at least I know she's OK and (at least for now) she's being more reasonable.  Pray for my wisdom and strength as we try to plan appropriately for Tiffany's future.

THANK YOU WILL NEVER EXPRESS MY GRATITUDE FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE TO HELP ME AND SUPPORT ME IN THIS!!  I have made so many new friends, virtually overnight, and my faith in humanity has grown by leaps and bounds.  PLEASE if ever I can return the good you have done me, don't hesitate to ask.



Dec. 10th, 2008 03:28 pm (UTC)
Quietly watching
Hello there! I've been quietly watching the developments of your story. I am so glad that your daughter was found! I had passed on your plight to some people I know that work with the NCMEC and at INTERPOL (I figured with everyone posting online, I'd work your story via a different route).

I am so relieved for you!!! Out of curiousity-- why is she so adverse to living at home? Is she simply very independent? Good luck and good thoughts on the next leg of this journey.