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In Case You Missed It....

Here's the link to Tiffany's story aired on Thanksgiving Day.



Well, the word from the producer today is that our story will air at 8:44 am tomorrow on the Today Show. If you know anyone interested in adoption, tell them to watch! I haven't seen it either, so I hope it's good!


Today Show on NBC

I hesitate to post this because this is the millionth time they have rescheduled us BUT... NBC sent me an email today.  They have Tiffany's adoption story scheduled to air on Thanksgiving Day.  I hope people will watch it for a few reasons:  1.  Because there are many teenagers in foster care who've given up and don't believe that anyone wants them.   Tiffany never gave up and she found a loving family.  2. Because there are people like me that CAN do this - and yes, it's the toughest thing I've ever done, but I know I'm not the only one out there capable of committing to a child and giving them a permanent family. 

If you know anyone who's ever considered older child adoption (and I DON'T mean 5 and 6 year olds, like most people do when they use that term) please tell them to watch.  And let's pray that they don't reschedule us again.  November is Adoption Awareness Month!


Catching Up

The weekend went really good. My son is home on leave and his flight home was uneventful. The final folks coming in to visit were my Dad and his wife (love her - more like a mom than my real mom!); my mom and her husband (don't like him much); my ex-husband and his wife (love her and we get along great!); my younger brother (whom I adore); my 15 year old niece and my kids. I cleaned on Friday and did the grocery store thing. Always worried about money because I get paid at the first of the month and I SUCK at budgeting. But I managed to get everything I needed.

Saturday I cooked heavy hors' doevres stuff for the evening. When my Dad arrived I went out to meet him and stepped on a roofing nail - OUCH! Didn't hurt much going in, but hurt like a *%$#^ coming out. It was so good to see my oldest son! He's still skinny - he lost from 268 to 195 at boot camp and he's only gained back about 10 pounds. He's built like a football player so he looks really good, and he seems very happy! I cried when I saw him because I don't realize how much I miss him when he's gone. Defense mechanism, I guess. He's still not scheduled to go to Iraq until NEXT September (2009) but you never know what might happen. He's a Cavalry Scout who handles Strykers so if he goes, he'll be in the thick of it. OK, not thinking about that anymore... We celebrated his birthday and Joshua's graduation. Tiffany did OK but she has a hard time with family get-togethers.  

Sunday morning I got up to find teenagers and young adults sleeping all over the house.  I love it when my sons' friends and other kids are over .  we did a quickie breakfast and everyone left.  Sunday afternoon the kids and I went to the pool for a couple of hours and had a ball.  After that we just chilled.  Very enjoyable weekend.

Looky! I Can Has Washington DC!

About a year ago, our family was asked to participate in a new national adoption recruitment campaign for a wonderful organization called AdoptUSKids. Look at the email I just got!:

"On behalf of the Children’s Bureau in Washington , DC , AdoptUsKids would like to invite you to attend the Children’s Bureau conference scheduled for October 20-21 at the Holiday Inn Washington Capitol, 550 C Street SW , Washington DC 20024 . AdoptUsKids will cover your travel expenses including airfare and meals. You will be asked to attend an early morning presentation on the 21st and will be free to tour D.C. in the afternoon.

We are inviting you to attend since you are featured in the DVD produced by Rich Newman entitled, The Road to Adoption and Foster Care. Portions of the DVD will be shown during the presentation and you will be recognized for your participation.

The conference is entitled, 2008 Policy to Practice Dialogue – Child Welfare Leadership in Action. The attendees will be public agency State leaders and federal folks from the Children’s Bureau. We would love to have you join us!"

I can't wait!


Thursday Update

OK, you probably realized by now that since I didn't post earlier I didn't do so good today. I stayed home from work because my hip was hurting, but really more because I just felt sleepy and didn't want to go in. And often when I stay home I so badly want to do things around the house, but end up sitting in the chair, eating, and watching TV. And that's what happened. Funny thing is, I still didn't go over my nutrition goals for the day, even though I could have chosen healthier foods. I didn't drink ANY of my water, but I drank some tea, so I gave myself a little credit for that. I did NO exercise. Tomorrow, however, my goal is to get up at 7:00 (it's my flex day so I'm off anyway) and take the kids to school. When I get home, I'm going to clean the house and finish the last little bit of laundry. I have a couple of things to do to get ready for our SCA Dance Event on Saturday. And Sunday I'm finishing up a tunic for someone that I promised to make. SO - today was my "fall off the wagon day" but I can't afford to do that anymore this weekend or I won't have the energy to get things done! So PLEASE send me some motivational karma, my friends!!

On another note, this evening with my kids was so pleasant. We had dinner together, had some wonderful "adult" conversation, and then watched Aladdin (yes, the animated Disney version!) together. My daughter witnessed her birth father's murder when she was 5 and she has a vivid memory of placing her Aladdin sleeping bag on him to keep him warm as he lay dying beside her. She has always been afraid to watch the movie again. So we decided to watch it together as a family NOW with happy talk and funny jokes and make Aladdin into a good memory for her. It worked very well!