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I have never been one of those people who watched a lot of TV or had that show they "just had to see" every week. I never saw Grey's Anatomy or even Friends. So recently I decided I wanted to experience how that felt to have a show you watched every week, that (pathetic) intimacy you get with the characters, etc. So I started watching ELI STONE - Thursdays on ABC. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I'm hooked on this engaging, not such a pretty boy lead character who is either a prophet or has a brain aneurysm (or both?). Each week he tackles new legal cases with heart and a dose of reality AND he has these neat "visions" or "delusions" with some interesting music and dance sometimes involved. And now they are saying the show may not make it to another season despite the fact that both ABC and the audience that has seen it loves it! SO PLEASE WATCH IT THIS WEEK TO BOOST THE RATINGS? PLEASE?? PLEASE?? You won't be sorry!