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Good Days!

Yesterday was a VERY GOOD DAY. Met with UNC Chapel School of Social Work coordinator and was very pleased and excited when we finished. The goal is to start in the Fall of 2009. So between now and then I have to prep and take the GRE (advice appreciated!), get applications done, get references, and write a personal statement. I also have to meet with my boss and hope that they will support me in re-working my work schedule (I don't think that will be a problem). I see now it's a blessing that I haven't gotten a more stressful management position. My current consultant position will be much easier to manage while going to school. I'll finish up in 3 years which means I'll have my Masters in Social Work and 20 years experience in child welfare before I turn 50. Watch out world! Also had lunch with the lovely Rae (splagxna) who always makes me feel better. What a precious person she is!

Today I am planning to spend time with NEW friends tonight (thanks, ymasen!). Tomorrow to celebrate my younger son's 18th birthday!! I love you, Joffie! And on Sunday hanging out with fiberferret and kat_romanish! Great weekend plans!