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KASF was the Best!

After struggling all week with my nerves and the "conversations in my head" that kept telling me not to go - I went to KASF. And it was WONDERFUL. The car ride up with Kat and Leonetta was fun - lots of conversation about just about everything. I got to tell all my wonderful jokes - "Hey, Kat - did you get it?!" And get to be closer friends with two great ladies... When I got to KASF, I immediately found Ceridwen to tell her that I wouldn't be participating in the Poetry Smackdown because I hadn't done my poetry. But I was determined to listen to the whole thing. Who would have ever thought that 3+ hours of poetry recitations could be a BLAST! And while I was sitting there I was so inspired, I actually wrote two poems and performed anyway! It was so amazing to be part of something with Efenwealt, Rosalind, Sir Axel, and all the others who reside in my heroes hall of fame. And Dunstan!! Can you imagine bringing down the house and not even being there? He had to work but sent his "portable poet" and a CD of his poetry and he is just amazing! And the best thing of all? He SMACKED me! He wrote a poem inspired by me called "LEAVE MY WEASEL OUT OF THIS." I am now officially immortal! I also entered my first scroll in the novice competition and got some great feedback - all positive and encouraging! I entered my heraldic tabard made and now Raven's Cove wants to use it! I sang in the Performance time and it was just - a great feeling! So this KASF was the best I've ever been to - and it's all because I FULLY PARTICIPATED. Lesson well learned for me - and maybe for some others out there reading this?? Hmmm?