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Well, we had WWIII last night, but everything worked out in the end. Thank God for wine.

FYI - I'm still doing good on my health and fitness stuff. Just decided to start really using the www.sparkpeople.com page and I'm blogging about that stuff there if you're interested. I'm narniarose there as well.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Another Victory

I did it! Instead of "isolating" like I do a lot on weekends, I called Pippa and said, "I'm coming to the party tonight!" Even with the stupid background noise ("Are you sure they really want you to come? You don't have any good presents to bring! This is not your crowd yet. What are you going to wear that will look decent?") I said, "SHUT UP! I'm going! And I'm going to have FUN!" (sticking out my tongue now...) AND I'm going to String Thing tomorrow - oh, no! Is the world coming to an end?!


In The Rose Garden

Yesterday was a pretty good day! Had all my water, vitamins, iron and ate reasonably. I'm not worrying so much right now about WHAT I eat (although I will choose something healthy if it's at hand) but just not eating compulsively. I eat when I'm hungry. Work was boring but not stressful. Kids were pretty good except I had to cancel text messaging on the cell phone because the kids were abusing it - so they weren't happy, but handled it OK. (Isn't it pitiful when you say to your kids, "We all have to sacrifice in these hard times" and you're talking about a CELL PHONE?! Lord, they don't have a clue...) Went to SCA meeting and took my friend his tunic I made. He wasn't there so I don't know if it fit yet. Tried it on another fighter, though, and it looked good, so I guess it's not a total bust. Hung out with  thalionar
who is just such a neat person.  And what a pretty lady!  I SO covet her hair.  Princess Dot is a sweetheart.  In my business it's so refreshing to see such a happy baby and know that she is loved and cared for so well.  Then I stayed to learn more about belly dancing from the amazing francesca_la and a new lady named Bambi that I think everyone else already knows.  That was fun!  It was also good for me because I needed the exercise and movement.  I was sweating like a pig when I was done, but I am glad I did it.  I took belly dancing once a while back and really loved it, but I was too self-conscious to do it here.  So now I'm just going to jump in and try to get better at it.  I really enjoy it!  I was also pleasantly surprised to see that I could get one of the pretty, jingly hip scarves around my big hips.  No, I was SHOCKED that it fit.  That whole body image thing, I guess?  Now I want to make a belly dancing outfit!  Hey, that's a goal - by Pas I want to make a sexy middle eastern costume and be ready to dance at the bardic.  Today's goal is just NOT TO LOSE MY MOMEMTUN.  I always do great with my water and my energy level, but by Wednesday I'm dragging and I get lazy.  So if I can get through today - I'll worry about tomorrow later. 


Monday Recap

Good day on Monday! Drank all my water, took my vitamins and iron, walked and took stairs a little more than usual. Could do more in that department. When I got home, I had a tunic to finish for a friend so I spent the whole evening sewing. It was my first one ever and I think it turned out pretty good. I did the French seams so it won't ravel. I just hope it fits OK. It's plain black and I'm going to see if he wants me to spiff it up with some trim or maybe paint. I have a seahorse stamp that I could use to make Spikes, maybe? His device hasn't passed so I don't know if it's OK to use the bull he wants. Any ideas?

My horoscope today was funny: "Pisces - There's a lot of sexy energy in the air for you today. Use this cosmic edge to pursue someone you might normally be too shy to approach. A hot date night is in order." OK, so where is he? Any volunteers?

Today's goals? Water, vitamins, iron, eat responsibly and only when hungry, take stairs. I have my SCA meeting tonight and I can't wait to see my friends!

Thursday Update

OK, you probably realized by now that since I didn't post earlier I didn't do so good today. I stayed home from work because my hip was hurting, but really more because I just felt sleepy and didn't want to go in. And often when I stay home I so badly want to do things around the house, but end up sitting in the chair, eating, and watching TV. And that's what happened. Funny thing is, I still didn't go over my nutrition goals for the day, even though I could have chosen healthier foods. I didn't drink ANY of my water, but I drank some tea, so I gave myself a little credit for that. I did NO exercise. Tomorrow, however, my goal is to get up at 7:00 (it's my flex day so I'm off anyway) and take the kids to school. When I get home, I'm going to clean the house and finish the last little bit of laundry. I have a couple of things to do to get ready for our SCA Dance Event on Saturday. And Sunday I'm finishing up a tunic for someone that I promised to make. SO - today was my "fall off the wagon day" but I can't afford to do that anymore this weekend or I won't have the energy to get things done! So PLEASE send me some motivational karma, my friends!!

On another note, this evening with my kids was so pleasant. We had dinner together, had some wonderful "adult" conversation, and then watched Aladdin (yes, the animated Disney version!) together. My daughter witnessed her birth father's murder when she was 5 and she has a vivid memory of placing her Aladdin sleeping bag on him to keep him warm as he lay dying beside her. She has always been afraid to watch the movie again. So we decided to watch it together as a family NOW with happy talk and funny jokes and make Aladdin into a good memory for her. It worked very well!

Victories and Lessons

Had victories and lessons yesterday. I lost 4 pounds over night! Which I'm sure is due to water consumption. Drank all my water and took my iron. Still forgot vitamins but I've put them in my purse with my iron so I'll remember to take them today. Ate somewhat well. Breakfast was a bagel and cream cheese. I will get lite cream cheese next time due to the fat content. At lunch I went to the snack bar as always and it was hard to find something healthy. I ended up getting a turkey wrap for lunch and two hard boiled eggs for snack. Dinner was bad because we had beef ribs and au gratin potatoes, however I did not overeat. So according to my sparkpeople nutrition goals I met them except for exceeding the fat a bit (ribs and cream cheese). My other goals were to do more laundry (did it!), start to clean my office (did the whole thing!) and walk 15 minutes. I didn't get to the walking but it was because by the time I got home, cooked dinner, did the dishes, did laundry and cleaned my office it was past bedtime. Tonight I'll be sure to do the walking right after supper so I don't miss it! The other good thing I did was dialogue with friends and supporters - SO IMPORTANT!! One day at a time!! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!