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I get off work today at 5:30, then I'm going to get Tiffany. Joshua works until 9:00 and so far he seems to be enjoying his job. He really likes the people he works with and that really makes the difference. Tomorrow morning, Tiff and I are going to the Raleigh Christmas Parade. Joshua decided he doesn't want to walk a mile and then sit in the freezing cold for several hours. But hey, it's the Christmas Parade, dude! I love parades! So we'll have mom and daughter time in the morning. Then I have to take Tiff back to the farm by lunchtime, since she has to work. In the evening, Joshua and I are going to the TSO concert. I'm so excited! Sunday I have a lunch date with my Italian friend John. Oh, yeah, and I have a date with my Firefighter friend John on Tuesday night. So far he has REALLY impressed me the most of the guys I've been talking with, so it will be interesting to see if I still feel that way after I meet him in person. I'm off on Wednesday to get ready for Turkey Day. I'm planning to cook for me and the kids, even though they are both probably going to be working that day. Joshua's Dad and his wife may also come for dinner that night. Kat and her mom are dropping by later for dessert! Yay! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!