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Yay Weekend!

Are we there yet? I want it to be 5:30 so bad! Going to SC with  fiberferret and kat_romanish on a fabric hunt!!  I need to get away and hang out with the girls - and what fun these two girls are!


Weekend Update

Had a really good weekend. On Friday went to ymasen's and watched Jane Austen with skippycleese and phoenix_defiant. I have three new friends! Thanks for a pleasant evening.

Saturday went to my ex-husband's and his wife's to celebrate my son's 18th birthday. We spent the night after a great meal and fun company.

Came home on Sunday and had planned to go to fiberferret's and kat_romanish's for the afternoon. My son said, "Don't you want to spend the day with me since today is my actual birthday?" I was surprised because I figured since we celebrated the day before, he would want to hang out with his new video game. So I called fiberferret and Kat and cancelled. I felt really bad, but I felt like I needed to be with my son on this special day. Please forgive me, Marianna and Kat!!

Tiffany continues to do well and I think we're in a good place for mom and daughter. Thanks for everyone's best wishes on that.