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From the Rose Garden

I haven't posted in quite a while so thought I'd share an update. I'm going to make them into cuts because there's a lot to tell! 

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Update to Interview Update

*UPDATE: Just got an email that said, "
(Secretary), please reschedule with (Rose) for friday afternoon if possible or tomorrow afternoon. (Rose) we need to do this as soon as possible in order so as not give you an advantage over the other applicants. "

Yeah, God forbid we do anything for a long-term loyal employee who has shown us exceptional work performance in the past AND adopted one of the teenagers from our foster care system so is showing us her practice not just in her talk, but also in her walk. God, why would anyone EVER dream of doing that!"

I responded thusly: "Thank you so much for trying to accommodate, but I'm afraid that Friday afternoon is not possible and tomorrow afternoon is pretty much the same as my original delimma. Under the circumstances, it seems that it would be best for me to withdraw my application for consideration. I sincerely regret these circumstances and hope to have another opportunity for advancement in the future."

Read between the lines - KISS MY ASS.


Interview Update

So, I got the first email from management saying I was invited for a 2nd interview and giving dates of tomorrow, October 1, and October 3. So I went for tomorrow because I had a free space at 11:30. THEN I get a second email about an hour ago, stating that they want me to reference a 30 page policy and do a 15-20 minute presentation of that policy, then facilitate a 10 - 15 minute discussion on how to implement that policy in the county. TOMORROW. I work today until 5:30, have the family meeting at 7:00 tonight, have the Federal Review in the morning until the interview slot. So unless I stay up really late tonight, I have NO time to prepare for this. Ordinarily, I would just stay up and go without sleep and get in there tomorrow and knock 'em dead. Ordinarily. But these aren't ordinary times. I haven't slept well for... well, MONTHS. I'm exhausted. I just don't think I want to bother with this. So I call the secretary and ask if I can take a later slot. She says, "Nope, all booked. Besides, this is the kind of thing that people are asked to do all the time." You know what? FUCK YOU. Yep, Rose cussed. Don't condescend to me, you bitch. I KNOW what it takes to do a job like that. I've been doing it for years. You're a fucking secretary and you have NO IDEA what my life has been like lately. This isn't a matter of whether I CAN or not. I think I've pretty much proved that in this life there is very little I CAN'T do. But, damn it, I don't think I have to prove anything to anyone anymore. AND I DON'T WANT TO. So I sent an email to the manager that said:

"Thank you for the invitation and opportunity for a second interview tomorrow. When I volunteered for the immediate time slot tomorrow, I was not aware that it would involve preparation of a presentation. I work until 5:30 pm today and have a commitment this evening at 7:00 pm. I am also committed in the morning to assisting with the AFCARS review. I called (Secretary) to see if the later time frames were still available and she advised they were not. It will be impossible for me to properly prepare for the second interview as required by 11:30 tomorrow. Is there any possibility of scheduling it for another time? I am very interested in this position and want to present a true picture of my skills and abilities. Thank you for your consideration."

If they can't do it, then screw it. There WILL be other opportunities down the road. I'm sick of feeling like I have to be all things to all people.


From the Rose Garden

Last night was fun. Kat and Marianna came over for dinner and we vegged and watched Bones together. I've never watched that show before. It had "The Dog Whisperer" on it because it was about dog fighting. People like that should be shot - slowly - from the knees up. Sorry, but mean people suck. Tiffany did OK last night. No problems.

Today I took her to her psychiatrist. Got sad news that I have suspected all along. She said that Tiffany DOES have Borderline Personality Disorder. That can be worse than Bi-Polar Disorder (which she also has) because it is so hard to treat and the prognosis is usually very poor. It certainly explains the manipulation, lack of taking responsibility, lying and TOTAL lack of insight at times. Tonight I'm going to the NAMI Family to Family Meeting. Hope Tiff is OK with just her brother there.

Had a job interview for a promotion. I think I did great, but I always get beat out by someone with a Masters, even if they have way less experience than me - so not very hopeful.

Still VERY tired. Going to my doctor next week. I think I need them to check my blood again.

But I'm still optimistic about my life - always - after all, I have so many wonderful friends that I love and who love me!