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December 9th, 2008


Tiffany called briefly last night.  All she would say is "I'm not coming home.  I can be myself here."  She said she was with "a 20-year-old I met on myspace."  The fact that she stated his age leads me to believe he's probably much older than that.  How sad that she sees herself in such a way that she can't "be herself" in a family that loves her, with safe boundaries, a beautiful girl's bedroom, nice things, security, affection - and all that we've tried to give her.  I wish she could see herself like I do. 

THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU THAT HAVE CROSS-POSTED THIS!  Your amazing efforts have gotten Tiffany's information LITERALLY all over the US, into Germany and Japan - and even one of the members of Fall Out Boy!  You guys ROCK - and your love and prayers are what are keeping me from losing my sanity.  Please cross-post my thanks to those who you shared this with.  I have tried to personally respond to each message I receive, but I can't keep up because there are so many.  I LOVE YOU ALL AND YOU ARE DOING A WONDERFUL THING.  This is what it means when they say "IT TAKES A VILLAGE."  What a wonderful global village I live in!